Postcard from the Past

Title: Postcard from the Past.

Post-processed render (dirt & dust):

Clean render:



Target: Hum3D Car Rendering Competition ( )

Tools: Blender, Cycles, The Grove, Meshroom, Da Vinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop, Substance Painter

Story: “You find a postcard with a vintage car, a bit worn and faded. Where was the photo taken? And when, exactly? You have no idea, not an inkling. There is an inherent anonymity to the image, and you have no actual link to the history of this very photo. Yet, you can almost feel the soft memories of past craftsmanship, the fuzzy vignette of evanescence, as if through the looking glass of your own life.”

Making of:
I wanted to make a vintage car, I picked some references. Images are good, but videos give a sense of curvature to the surface which is hard to convey by a still image, so I found one as well. This is the most imprortant phase, often overlooked.

I modelled the outside, but also the inside. I plan to use this opportunity to create some more shots in the future.

The car was modelled in Blender, rendered in Cycles. The vegetation was made with the Grove plugin for Blender, the rocks were scanned by me using Meshroom, processed in Meshlab and Blender.

The ground was made in Blender using procedural nodes. Initial compositing was done in Affinity Photo, but I was not happy with color correction and gamma issues, so I brought it to Da Vinci Resolve. Final framing, overlaying and a bit of grain was added in Adobe Photoshop.

WIP Imagery:

Screenshot - 12_17_2018 , 2_51_28 PM Screenshot - 12_17_2018 , 2_54_13 PM Screenshot - 12_17_2018 , 3_02_51 PM Screenshot - 12_17_2018 , 3_10_11 PM Screenshot - 12_17_2018 , 3_09_19 PM

Screenshot - 12_17_2018 , 3_08_33 PMScreenshot - 12_17_2018 , 3_09_07 PMScreenshot - 12_17_2018 , 3_10_44 PM

Screenshot - 11.12.2019 , 10_01_11

Screenshot - 03.12.2019 , 11_22_05

Screenshot - 03.12.2019 , 17_50_56